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   “Life leaves holes in all of us. That’s where the light gets in. That’s what defines us, eventually.”  

    Delia Yuan is an emerging contemporary visual artist and scenery designer based in Montreal, Canada. She received her BFA in theater design from Concordia University. Since 2009 she has been working in the field of visual and performance art and explores different ways of storytelling.  Her work has been showcased in Montreal, Chicago, Toronto, and Vancouver. Delia has designed and taken part in many Canadian theater productions, and her visual work has been acquired by private collectors in North America and Asia.    


    I am passionate about creating artwork that has depth and voice. I am consistently learning, testing and stretching my artistic ability. I have developed a unique artistic style using light and shadow, lines and colors to create unconventional mix media artwork. In the production Attawapiskat, special lighting is used to turn a pile of unformed trash into a shadow image of caribou. For my paper cuts, I use light boxes behind the paper to create a dual reality of when the light is turned on and off; white papers become shadows and cut out become light.


    I am currently working on a touring show Pneuma which will incorporate a collection of paper cut artwork that tackles the subjects of religion, suffering, hope, and faith.

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